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A card with Flower Soft and The Graphics Fairy

Originally, I was thinking I’d title this post, “My son the human backdrop.”  This is why…

I cropped most of him out (poor son one), but I needed to take these last pictures outside because it was too dark inside.  Plus, it was windy, so I couldn’t put the card down.  Thanks dude!

This is the urn image from The Graphics Fairy that I used.  The larger one is the wallet size and the smaller is the contact sheet size.  Could there please be a happy medium? Not today.

I went with the smaller size, since I was making a note card.  I printed it out on vellum and embossed it.

I cut it out and ran it through my Xyron sticker maker.  This went onto black card stock, and then onto my white note card.

It’s Flower Soft time!  First, I drew very thin lines of glue, and sprinkled Ultra Fine Flower Soft (pine) onto these “branches.”  This type is much less chunky than the original Flower Soft.

I put dots of glue all over the branches, as well as around them.  I chose Flower Soft in Heather for the bulk of these buds.  It comes packed in a jar, and you fluff it up a bit before you sprinkle it over the glue. I filled in with the Pale Green color.  See how much “chunkier” it is?

Here’s a closer shot.  Don’t you love the dimension of this stuff?  I have done other projects with Flower Soft in the past, and if you have any questions–please ask me! I could totally be a Flower Soft representative…Hello…Flower Soft?


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