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A reason to have cake…

I am excited to share that this post you are reading is my 100th!  My silly cute family started trying to figure out an appropriate song to sing to me to celebrate. All that ended up coming out was a version of the “get well, get well soon” song from Seinfeld. I heart Elaine!

Yesterday, I posted about the little Halloween plaque I made for my friend’s birthday.  Today, I’m sharing her card.

I told you I love Flower Soft.  This is one of my favorite applications.  I had a plain chip board letter k, and put glue all over the front.  Then I sprinkled my Autumn  Flower Soft all over it.  You can shake off the excess and put it in a container to use another time.

For the front of the card, I used two different papers.   I further embellished the card with little self adhesive pearls.  Here’s the back…

I used the scrap of dark brown paper to punch out some leaves for the back.  I am really pleased with the end result, and I think she was too.

Thanks for joining me for my 100th post! I truly appreciate it…


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