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You might think that this being the first official day I can “legally” go shop for craft items, that I would go to one of the typical well known places.  Not today.  I did go to a great place called The Recycle Shop.  It’s not fancy, but the stuff is pretty neat.  Materials are brought in and donated by local manufacturers. They consist of “over-runs, scrap, and factory errors.”  They have different things every week or so, and that keeps it interesting.

It’s one of those places that you have to go into with a completely open mind.  This is a picture of some of the stuff we got, not counting the five binders we bought for one dollar.  I just didn’t take a picture of those because…well, they’re binders!  And yes, I numbered everything again…

1. This is a piece of black professional frame matting…it was twenty-five cents. 2. A section of industrial packing storage…fifty cents. 3. Clips…I think I’m making them into magnets…fifty cents for six of them. 4. Miscellaneous pieces of wood…maybe fifty cents. 5. Cardboard with foam separations…I am making these pretty and putting my pendants in them for display and storage.  Ten cents each… 6. Plastic bottles…ten cents each.  These will be perfect for storing mixed paint for a later project. 7. A large sheet of magnet…one dollar. 8. A bag of small lollipop sticks…one dollar.

With the binders and tax, our total was five dollars and ninety-four cents.  Do I know what I’m doing with everything?  No, but that part will be fun.  It makes me feel good to find things that can repurposed and help a worthy cause.

 Stay tuned friends!


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