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Autumn Wedding Card

 Hey there Friends! Long time no post.  

That’s the thing about life–it’s busy. It’s really great, but busy.

Yesterday, we attended our niece’s wedding.  What a great occasion and party!  There is something so lovely about an autumn wedding.  The colors, the leaves, the cooler weather–just makes it cozy and special.

This is the card I made for these special people…

First, I drew an outline of a heart on a plain white card.  Then, I gathered some scraps of paper that had fall colors, grabbed my leaf punch, and got to work.

To apply them, I used a glue pen and alternated leaves all over the outline.  I also added some to the corners.  I love the way it came out–it was so simple to create, and the color scheme possibilities are endless.

A sweet card for a sweet couple!


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