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Both of my boys are in baseball. This season I have become a team mom for my little guy.  After the first couple of practices I realized having a clipboard would probably come in handy. And any one  who knows me for a little while knows that even a clipboard is not safe from being crafted within an inch of it’s existence.

 I looked online for ideas, and there were some very pretty ones out there. I just felt that this one needed to be …not “pretty.” 

 I brainstormed a while, and then remembered some vintage baseball graphics from The Graphics Fairy (see my favorite blogs to the left). My husband googled some other pictures for me (thanks!).Of course being brand new to this blog thing I neglected to take before pictures. So now picture a plain clipboard…and then look at this one.

I used Hard Coat Mod Podge–probably 4 coats worth, lightly sanded it, and sprayed it with a clear top coat (Rust-oleum) to protect it from the inevitable rain-out.


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