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Celebrate the Nickname

Isn’t it interesting how they appear and evolve?  Mine appeared in junior high, and while my mother strongly disliked it, I kind of loved it.  I look back now and think that maybe it’s because that is how someone other than my family members saw me. That’s pretty powerful, especially at such an age.  It became my name (but only at school and with friends) and it was good for me.  A teacher started it, and I always found it somewhat bold that a person would take it upon themselves to just shorten a name. And don’t get me wrong, there are possible variations on my name that I have no problem refusing.  I was never, nor will I ever be a Chrissy, or a Christina.  But Chris suits me fine. 

This post began as a presentation of my project.  It has become something more for me,  and I suppose that is what happens when you become inspired to create something out of something so seemingly simple…like a nickname.

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