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Custom Craft Show Apron

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends and family.  Ours was very low key –which was really nice.

In less than a week I am participating in another craft show.  This one is a fundraiser for rescued animals, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

I learn so much with every show that I’m in. My displays change, along with things that I sell.

For the last show I did, I used an apron for the first time. I put my change, a pen, and my credit card reader in it.  Before that I used a standard cash box.  I have to say, I’m totally sold on the apron.  I like having everything with me, so if I need to leave my table, it’s no big deal.

I’m so excited to put this to use this weekend!  I borrowed the border from The Graphics Fairy.

This project included the “printing on fabric” process…or as I like to call it the “crossing your fingers and hoping it will come out without killing the printer” process.

Yes, that part went really well as you can imagine.

This was a first attempt…

I ironed my off white muslin to a piece of freezer paper and trimmed it to the size of regular piece of printer paper.  After the fourth time of muttering a few choice words, and smoothing out wrinkles (ahem), I taped the freezer paper to a piece of card stock.

Thankfully, that worked.  After that agony, I trimmed the printed cloth too close. {Inhale, exhale} I cut another piece of muslin a bit bigger and used some (ancient) wonder under from my stash. I layered that under the fabric with my shop name.

I was going to sew it to the apron, but I realized that  I  would probably sew the very useful pockets closed, so ironing was the stronger choice (for me).

Of course, as soon as I finished this tutorial, I found a simpler way to transfer an image to fabric.  Stay tuned.

Did my printer just sigh in relief?


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