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Dishes? What dishes?

Ever see something on a blog and you just have to try it? Despite the dishes in the sink and dishwasher? Oh good, me too! 

My friend Heather at Crazy lil’ Thing Called Love posted this denim flower that she found (and then made) at Donna Downey’s blog, and I immediately started flinging fabric everywhere to see if I had some denim. 

It’s a pretty quick and fun (and messy) project to do.  It requires felt, the fabric, and quick dry glue…and lots of twisting!

This was the second one I made.  I love seed beads, don’t you?

The larger one is the first one I made, I love those beads too!  I just found some muslin kicking around, that’s my next flower. 

Now…what should I do with them?

#beads #fabric #glue #stashbusting

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