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DIY Craft Display {But Wait! There’s More!}

  Just so you know…organizing your own craft show takes up a lot of time!  Even if you have the best partner in crime/co-coordinator you could hope for. For real.

I promised another craft show display for you, and I am finally delivering!

All my pendants are facing front and center!

Here’s how we made this.  Oh, make no mistake, this was a HHH project. (Husband Heavily Helped)

 We purchased this floor sample from our local Recycle shop for a buck.  The lines are to mark where the holes would go. (I should say where my husband drilled them, thanks!)

 Ah, the magic of television!  I wanted the holes to be big enough for the chains with lobster clasps to fit through.  It also makes it much easier to take off for customers who are eager to try on the pendants.

Next, he added a shelf bracket to the back, so the display would have just the right tilt.

This is how it looks from the back.  I am using clothespins to weigh down a few of the heavier pieces, so they don’t migrate to the bottom of my board.

From my “Gone Dotty” Collection

The surface of the board was very slick, so I roughed it up with sandpaper.  I painted it with some black interior/exterior paint and Polycrylic for durability.  

One of the very best parts about this project is that I had most of the supplies in my own home.  That translates into a very low price tag for this project…less than five dollars!  What do you think of it?

Our craft show is less than one week away! I hope to write more about our process once we are through it. Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Showcase at Under The Table and Dreaming

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