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DIY Craft Show Pendant Display

  Question. What do you get when you have a scotch bottle and an old lampshade?  Sure, that answer might be obvious to the party animals that make up my readership, but I had another thought…

 Here’s where I must give credit to the genius who had the original lampshade-as-pendant-display idea...Lisa at The Empty Nest on Etsy.

I will confess…this was one of the hardest items I’ve ever had to photograph!  

I glued the flower pot saucer to the bottle with Gorilla Glue.  My husband screwed the lampshade innards to a bottle cap (thanks!).  I spray painted the whole thing black.

My husband also found the clips with the hooks at Joann’s, the chains slide off nicely.  Right now, it is sitting on top of piece that has ball bearings which helps my display turn smoothly.  It still needs to be fastened.

This makes my set up easier as well.  Everything can be transported like this and just set on my table at craft show time.

I have another display idea that I am currently tweaking…I hope to have it finished by this weekend! Stay tuned.

  SNS at Funky Junk Interiors Think Pink Sundays at Flamingo Toes

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