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Do you remember MacGyver?

I thought about that show today when I worked on this project.  You will understand why within the the next few pictures.

Tis the season for ornaments, and for using the phrase “tis the season” a lot.  I won’t lie, you will probably see quite a few from me, I hope that you will enjoy them.  I promise not to to do too many in a row.

Hey, why isn’t that glass ornament rolling around?  Oh yeah, it’s flat on one side, cool.  I remember when I bought them, I wasn’t sure I would like them.  I figured out some terrific things to do with them, so yes, I do love them.

I took some red acrylic paint and some pearlizing medium, and mixed them together in a handy bottle. 

I squeezed the paint into the ornament, covered the opening with painters tape and  gently shook it.  When the entire inside was coated, I was overtaken with a MacGyver moment.  I knew there was a lot of paint left inside, and I wanted it to dry faster, so…

I took some painters tape and stretched it across the top of a plastic bowl.  That allowed me to place the ornament on top so that it could drain.  Good stuff, right?

I cut some Holly paper with decorative scissors, and stamped a beautiful A in olive green.  I Mod Podged the initial onto the globe and over it to seal.  I added red seed beads and a pretty green bow.

Despite the fancy MacGyver maneuver, this was a very easy ornament to put together.  I made this one as a gift, and I am excited to give it to my friend tomorrow…

All I need is a toothbrush, a couple of nails, and scotch tape, and I’m all set to go here…

The Boardwalk Bragfest

Cherry World 1
Show and Tell Green
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