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Finding inspiration

We did a project in school this morning that was both clever and hilarious ( to me at least!).  On my way home, it struck me that I could adapt it…make it more “grown up.” You will have to let me know if you think I achieved my goal.

The kids took black construction paper and put it into a box. We put marbles that were coated in white paint into the box and they rolled them all over the paper to make a blizzard.

They were then given a small red pom pom for that celebrated reindeer’s nose, and then decided where he was in that blizzard.  Cute, right?

Here’s my version…

What do you think?  Mine is made from black card stock, and cut into note card size.  I made the corners fancy.  I dotted white acrylic paint all over, and then used Stickles (picket fence) to do the same.  I added a red gem for that illustrious nose.

The inside reads…”Don’t worry…He’s coming!”

Oh good, he can help me find these links!

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