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From salsa to seasonal

Even though I have been to a craft store (or two) since October started, I’ve still been going through my stash to make projects.  Once a stash buster, always a stash buster!

I felt like playing around with some beads today, but not necessarily making jewelry.  I just love garland made from wire and beads. I am always drawn to it in magazines and stores, so I thought I’d try my hand at making some.

While going through my collection of beads, I came across some that would be perfect for a fall garland.  I grabbed some black wire (26 gauge), and went to work.

I took a long length of the wire and loosely folded it in half.  I threaded a bead onto the wire and twisted the wire a few times.  I kept adding beads and twisting until I reached the end of the wire.

Don’t you love the shape of this glass salsa bottle?  I’m a fan.  Time to make it pretty!  I took some raffia and glue dots and covered the very top of the bottle.  Then, I draped my garland around the bottle. 

One of the things I love about this is- it isn’t permanent.  I can use the garland on my table or over a mirror if I change my mind (which I’m bound to do).  Even the raffia can be removed. I also love how random the beads are.  Now I just need to figure out where it will go…

Wish I had some chips…

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