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Fun with polymer clay

I used to play around with polymer clay many years ago. Since then, I’ve gotten side tracked with so many other things.

A few months ago, I used a coupon at Joann’s and picked up a Sculpey starter kit with a bunch of different colors. More recently, I saw that FIMO came out with some new variations like transparent, and metallic.  I grabbed a couple because they were on sale.  

So this is the result of me just messing around with the clay.

The pendant part is made from the white transparent…which is definitely more white than transparent.  I do appreciate the effect it has.  The flower is made from regular Sculpy clay.  

I made this part and baked it yesterday.  I made the flower separately, and attached it with E6000.  You can really see that pretty effect in the picture.  The light catches it beautifully.

This was a fun rainy day project.  Perhaps I’m missing the play dough time in the class room!

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