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Going old school baby

I love technology. I love my computer, the Internet, and email.   I love my tiny iPod touch that is still somewhat of a marvel to me.  That I can check and respond to email through this small and thin device, amazes me.

I have to say, that despite my unflinching and shameless love of technology, I am still “old school” in this one way…

I should get a new one, probably splurge on a hardcover. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

 This is my constant companion as I write. It doesn’t matter if it’s an email, or a short blog post about a clipboard.

  I am well aware of the dictionary and thesaurus sites online. I even use my spell check!  There is just something about picking up this book, and finding the word in these worn out pages. 

 Anyone else have one of these?

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