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How to decorate chip board letters

That’s right my friends, it’s time for installment two on my recycled wood box.  Let’s take a look at this side of the container…

Before I begin, I have to tell you about my deal on these chipboard letters.  All paper crafting paraphenalia was on sale at Joann’s.  Add in a 25% off your entire purchase coupon, and how could you pass up 366 monograms for $3.50?!

If you can, I’m very impressed!  Obviously, I can’t exhibit any restraint. 

 I set to work jazzing them up. The “a” was simply covered in that fantastic Tim Holtz Tissue Tape.  I outlined it with a pink marker.

I mixed up some acrylic paint for the “R.”  As you can see, I didn’t mix it completely.  I was going for a marbled effect that would match the paper I used on the two hearts.

I didn’t really paint the letter so much as place the paint all over it.  I am happy with the result.

The “t” was pretty simple.  I had this pink felt border in my stash, which I just cut so it would fit to a “T.”  (So sorry about that)  I glued it with Fabri-Tac, so it dried nice and fast.

I stuck the letters on with tacky glue, and added some other fun stuff like the key with ribbon, and the paper flower.

I have always loved personalizing monograms like this.  The possibilities are practically endless…especially with 366 of them!

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