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I love a good gift card…

…holder, that is!

Gift cards are a fabulous invention, don’t you think?  All you have to do is consider the recipient, figure out the place you would mostly like find them, and give them an excuse to go there.  Genius!

I happen to love making gift card holders, it makes the gift so much more personal.  The one I made today is for a friend of Dolly’s.  Happy birthday!

I. Love. Him.  Here’s how it went…

I took some textured green card stock, and made sure it would be big enough to hold the card.  Ruler? What ruler?  I totally eyeballed it baby.  I folded it in half, and made a nice crease with my bone folder.

I cut another piece of green, and chose this Christmas lights paper for the inside pocket.  It’s cute, but it needed some oomph (technical term).  Glitter was applied to the red and green lights.

  It’s just enough to make it lively.

Next, our chilly friend.

Oh yeah, he’s got some ‘tude wielding that snowball.  I used some glue and Flower Soft in Polar White for his pom pom and weapon of choice.

This stuff rocks, ribbon with adhesive on the back already-done!

The inside pocket-go shopping girl!

I love how the scarf matches the ribbon.  I happened to have it on hand-got to love the stash!  Mr. Chilly is propped up with foamy tape squares.  For a final touch, I added a light glitter snow. 

Move over Fred!

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