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I’m too excited to be "board"

Ready for something too cha cha for words?  It could be that I am exaggerating slightly, but I love the way this came out.  “Dolly” had this memo board in her room forever…

Wow that is bright!  It does not match her new wall color in any way, so I knew I was going to remake it instead of buying a new one. 

 She picked out the fabric herself at Hobby Lobby (my new favorite place).  In my humble and completely unbiased opinion, she has spectacular taste. 

I carefully took the backing off of the board and put it aside to put back on later.

I removed the buttons, which were attached by wires. Honestly, they looked like paper clips, and they were a pain to take off. (Think “Christmas-morning-and-getting-toys-out-of-packaging” annoying)

Ooh a peek at the fabric!  I left everything else together after removing the old buttons and ribbons.  I put the new fabric down and put the board down on top.  Then I just wrapped it tightly, tucking in the corners neatly, and stapling it to the frame.  I gave the staples a couple of taps with my hammer to flatten them out.

We decided on an off white ribbon, and attached that with staples as well.  After pulling those old buttons out, I decided against putting any buttons back on the board.

Here it is in the room…

Hey, that desk looks familiar… Nice job picking the fabric out Dolly.  I’m extra excited that I have some left over!

The link shall inherit the earth:

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