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ICTMTM Syndrome strikes again!

Yes, it happens here a lot– “I-can-totally-make-that-myself ” Syndrome  has returned.  Do you recall my little “A for apple” pin?  In today’s post, I’m going to show you how I created the little apples.

First, I used a few different punches to cut out the shrinky-dink (technical name) material.  Here’s a tip for you–a punch that has less detail,  punches way easier.  For example…the flower punch with the narrow petals (below) got stuck both times I used it for this project.  It’s the reason I used the negative part–I didn’t want to waste it!  The flower punch with wider petals gave me no trouble.

 I used Sharpie and Slick Writer markers to color in my shapes.  While I colored, this bad boy was heating up…

Make no mistake, this is Mommo’s toy!  And why not–it does the job (and the kiddos still like watching stuff shrink).





 Teeny tiny!  I love how the colors get deeper and the shapes get sharper.  It’s also great to have original embellishments to use on various projects.  Thanks for reading!

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