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Is it Monday already?

Well my friends, school is in full swing now.  I don’t mind telling you that I am curious to see how I do with being Mommo, wife, working, keeping some semblance of order in my home (doesn’t that go with being Mommo?), and blogging!

I love creating projects, and sharing them with you, so I will do my very best to make it all happen.  It should be entertaining to witness at the very least!

Oh Graphics Fairy! Whatever would I do without your wonderful images? I really do have this crazy commitment to myself that I will create a new project every week in time for Brag Monday.  It just doesn’t feel like it would be Monday if I didn’t.

My Dolly says it’s an obsession, and she might just be right.  I love taking a simple jar and making it terrific.  Karen makes it really easy, especially with these beautiful labels.  I printed it out, inked the edges in brown and used Mod Podge to put it on the jar. Now my paintbrushes have a pretty home. This is definitely one of my favorites!

Have a great Monday!

#ModPodge #TheGraphicsFairy

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