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It only took six years…

I am on such a roll with the practically free projects in my house!  This next one is a mirror that I refinished for Dolly’s room.  It’s been in her closet since we moved…and that was six years ago! Every once in a while she’d ask if we (I) could do something with it and hang it in her room.  When we had our painting marathon, the time was right.

Oh you know that I made sure that at least the floor was uncluttered and vacuumed before I took this picture! The mirror is not very exciting is it? 

Much improved?  I used the leftover paint from her accent wall.  Next, I took a sanding block and distressed the edges and corners.  I used a block stamp and timber brown StazOn ink to put random images all over the frame.  I didn’t re-ink every time I stamped…I thought it gave it an interesting look.

After I let it dry for a few minutes (toughest few minutes of my day), I took my sanding block and distressed the parts I stamped to rough them up.  I finished up with  my trusty One Step Crackle, and hung that baby on the wall.

Here is a close up of a corner so you can see the detail…Think I need to scrape the mirror a bit more?

Remember these? I thought I bring them back out so you could see some of the elements on the same page.  Thanks for joining me again!

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