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Just a bunch of fluff

I love my scrapbook papers, it’s true. I have a decent selection of them, and I really can’t bear to throw any  out. Especially if it’s a paper I love. This results in scary piles of scraps all over my desk.

I realize my war room didn’t look that frightful in the pictures, but come on! I had to clean her up a little bit for the camera.  Regardless, this stashbusting challenge is a great excuse to try and use them up on a project or two. 

Now, a question.  Who loves this stuff…

…besides me?  I haven’t had it in years! Because my husband is the best dad ever, he got this big jar to make fluffernutters for the kids. I am a purist–I like mine plain, from a spoon, right out of the jar. Yum. Where was I?

I had an unformed plan for this jar.  Obviously, I would cover it, but how?  I actually thought I would use one piece of scrapbook paper. {Yawn} Then I saw this pile of paper and…

I grabbed some of my tools…

I punched various squares and used Mod Podge to stick them to the fluff jar. It was so therapeutic, which is good since it took me a little while.

I know there’s is a lot going on here, but I love it! 

Enjoy your weekend…

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