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A few months back,  I wrote a post about my “space.”  My war room, if you will.  I took many pictures that day for my blog post, and because I never knew when it would look that way again.

What “way” do I mean?  You know.  There are so many ways you can say it…”company clean,”  “a place for everything and everything in its place,” in that vein.

There are plenty of times that I get inspired to get organized, to actually try to put things where they belong.  Before you can say Mod Podge, I am embroiled in another project. 

I’ve declared to Dolly (on numerous occasions) that I will keep this “one space clear.”  She just looks at me as if she knows dang well it’s not going to happen. She also knows that (at the time) I really do “mean” it!

Just this moment, one of my boyos came in and actually looked for a small screwdriver on my table.  I wonder how that worked out for him….

Yeah, he didn’t find it…

I’ll clean it up later…for now I’m going here…

#craftfail #onmymind

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