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Krylon Dual Paint and Primer: Light fixture revamp

Spray paint, how I love you!  I don’t do nearly enough with it, quite frankly.  I was happy to get an opportunity to try out Krylon’s Dual Paint and Primer.  When I volunteered to do a project, I knew exactly what I wanted to work on.

There’s this ceiling lamp in my war room that came with the house. It’s the kind of lamp that is meant to hang over a dining room table.  Since we don’t “dine” in that room, it didn’t always seem to “fit.”  Until now…

Here is a before shot, so you can see how much fun it is now…

The before isn’t awful, it just got washed out in my creative and colorful room.  The camp green color I spray painted on made it new and crisp.

As with most painting projects, the preparation of the object to be painted, takes far longer than the actual painting itself. And as with any job, taking the time to do it the right way, ensures that it’s right the very first time. {Taking teacher hat off now}

After enlisting the help of my husband (thanks!) to take down the lamp, I proceeded to clean off the vast amount of dust. Just keeping it real, folks.

The glass sconces needed to be removed, and the tiny screws needed to be painted, so I found a piece of Styrofoam and twisted them into it.

I love this tip (which I did not make up), it makes them so easy to paint, and they all stay in one place. It’s a “W.”

Blue painter’s tape anyone?   For the center glass bulb, I cut a plastic grocery bag into manageable pieces and carefully taped them around it.

I spray painted it in my garage, holding a large section of cardboard in back of the lamp to minimize the paint flying everywhere.  I sprayed lightly and evenly, coming back every 15 minutes or so to paint again, and check for missed spots.

I liked this paint a lot!  It covered beautifully, and dried very quickly.

Now you know I am not good at biding my time, so this baby went back into place that evening.  My thought process was that it was cooler and drier inside the house, and therefore would cure faster.  It’s a good rationalization, right?  Thanks.

We were so enthusiastic about this makeover, that we actually permanently shortened the chain and cord.  Before, we just didn’t know how to feel about the light, and now we love it. That’s a happy project ending if I ever heard one.

Krylon sent me the new Dual Paint to try out. Check out their latest promotion, The Dual Duel, where Krylon is looking to find The Ultimate Restorer. To win this title, enter your spray paint restoration project and encourage friends and family to vote for your project as their favorite for their chance to win too.

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