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Love you-now get to work!

After spending a dreary Sunday morning messing around with this new blog of mine, drinking entirely too much coffee, and visiting some crafty sister blogs, I was suddenly inspired.  To do what, you ask?  To go see what some local thrift stores had on their shelves.  I took my partner in crime (C) with me, and while insisting over and over that we were not going clothes shopping, we took off for probably the shortest shopping trip (for us, anyway) ever.  It was the second store that had this…

Yes, it’s a little rough looking, but I just love it! It might be hard to see in the above picture, but the two slots in the middle are at an angle.  I cleaned it up…

After it was scrubbed, I decided I loved its distressed appearance, and put it to work on my craft table.  Did I mention it was $5.00?  Excellent!

#craftstorage #thriftstorefinds

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