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Make a Gift Card Box Better

The last day of school is drawing to a close.  It was a great day, complete with tears, giggles, and lots of hugs.

I knew that I wanted to get my younger son’s teacher a gift card to a book store, and I waited until the very last possible minute to purchase it.  Cause I love living life on the edge like that.

When the nice lady at the bookstore asked me if I would like a gift box for the card, I replied yes, knowing full well I wouldn’t leave it alone.  

Here’s how it came out…

This is what it looked like before…

This was so easy to improve too.  I used half of one sheet of scrapbook paper that had a coordinating back.  I trimmed the paper to fit the box, put it on with double stick adhesive tape.

I used a small scrap of the paper and had my Silhouette sketch the words for me, and then put that onto a tag I had in my stash.

To finish it, I tied a piece of muslin around the box and tied a bow. 

 A gift card is such a great gift–but I love a beautiful presentation! Don’t you?


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