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Make Over Your Mouse Pad With Fabric and Mod Podge

 Ah, the last final days of August…or as it’s known to many “crunch time.”  I am caught between the urge to get projects done, and the fact that soon these somewhat lazy days are few and far between.

First world problem, I know. 

I can cross this off my list, so that’s something.

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Pretty fabric, right?  It’s some leftover batik that I had from another project.  I would much rather look at this than what I had before…

Bye bye bird.  

Maybe you should sit down before I tell you this.  This was the first time I’d ever used Fabric Mod Podge.

Shocking, I know.  By the way, it’s fantastic.  I spread out my fabric and applied a medium coat with a brush.  I took my mouse pad and placed it on top and smoothed it out.

I flipped it over and folded the edges in like I was wrapping a gift.  I applied the Mod Podge to the edges and pressed those down.  Then I actually left it alone to dry (gasp!).

I cut another piece of the fabric and repeated the process on the back.  “Because everyone will be definitely be looking at the back of your mouse pad, Mommo.”

Hey there kiddo, I’ll know, okay?


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