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May the utensil be with you

So, you know a few things about me by now. I live love to make crafty things.  I have one girl and two boys.  I have a silly possessive dog.  I have a great husband who makes trips to Joann’s for me (even though he loathes that place).

We love baseball, Super Mario Bros., and…Star Wars.  My boyos inspired this saying and subsequent project. 

I started with a piece of black photo matting.  Did you know that you can Google about a gazillion fonts? I had already found a Mario Bros. font for my boys Halloween costumes. For this, I found a free Star Wars font and downloaded it.  I was going for the effect similar to the beginning of the movies, where the font starts small, and gets larger. 

You could absolutely do this project with a cutting machine, but I don’t have one (Santa? Are you out there? Santa?).  I scribbled pencil on the back and traced the letters onto the mat.  I outlined them with a fine white paint marker, and then filled in with white acrylic paint.

I drew an outline of a fork in pencil, and then used the paint marker to dot a constellation over the fork.  I used a star punch to add larger stars.  I sealed the entire thing with Mod Podge.  Here is another look…

I would imagine that Jedi Knights have pretty decent manners, yes?

I’m taking a break from the Jedi Council, and going here…

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Keeping It Simple


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