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My Bathroom Curtain Re-Do

An excellent alternative title could be “What Took Me So Dang Long?”

Without further ado, here’s the reveal…

 Here is the before…

This is the sad little curtain that we put on the window when we moved in almost eight years ago.  I didn’t love it then, and it never grew on me.  

Something that draped and fell longer than the window, was what I had always pictured for this window.  I also wanted to keep the curtain white, since the trim and fixtures were all white.

Finding a fabric that was just right, was a challenge.  I knew I didn’t want lace–it’s just not my style.  Then I came across this pretty fabric that had a paisley pattern, white on white–very subtle.  Mission one accomplished.

 Since, my curtain was going to hang lower than my window, I needed a tie back.  Again, I wanted something white, but the ones I was finding were too…modern.  

I came across this “antique” key hook on clearance (woo hoo!), but it originally looked like this…

 Very nice, but I knew I was painting it white.  I used Martha Stewart acrylic paint and a brush.  I wanted some of the texture to show through, and not the perfect coat that spray paint gives you.

Friends, when I tell you that the curtain was easy to sew, that’s saying a lot.  I sewed two super basic straight lines, and used the existing tension rod.  Would I invite you to come and take a closer look?

No, no thank you. Well…maybe just you guys.

 What do you think of my re-do?


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Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Creek Cottage

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