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My tricked out pumpkin

I have pumpkins on the brain, my Friends.  I have been to two pumpkin patches (one of of them I visited twice) in two days! That’s three visits all told folks.  You wouldn’t be too surprised that this next project involves a gourd. Right?

Plaid is having a Trick Your Pumpkin Challenge, and I thought I’d make an entry.   Obviously, you need to use Plaid products for it to be eligible.  This is what I used…

Have you seen those square glass ornaments? I saw them, loved them, and had to have them.  I used my three-quarter inch square punch to make short work of orange scraps of paper. I also cut out tissue paper with the punch, and in doing so, I learned a trick.  Fold your tissue paper over and over before attempting to punch it out.  It works much more efficiently-plus you get a mess of squares at once.

The tissue paper squares went on the back of my pumpkin. Mod Podge was used for decoupaging all of the squares.

I used a moon and stars punch to help with the face.  Here he is!

I used black card stock for his eyes, and cut one of the squares in half for his nose.  I used the moon for his smile and the stars for the sparkle in his eyes.

I had some wood shapes, which I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in, and then painted them with Apple Barrel paint in spring green.  I edged them with some Melody Ross paper (glued on with Mod Podge), and threaded them onto black wire.  The hanger is black paper string.

He looks pretty stinking happy to be here, yes?  Wish me luck in the contest!

I’m taking my pumpkin and linking up here:

Katie's Nesting Spot


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