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Now tell me, why do I have these?

Probably because I have some little kiddies come and stay with me for a few hours, once in a while. While my own kids are entirely beyond these, they still manage to find a way to mess around with them.

My friend Roo (who is hilariously clever and talented), over at Nice Girl Notes inspired me with her “non-obnoxious magnet letters.”  I used the existing letters (can you say Stashbusting?), but she provided the vision.  Thanks!

I used stylish scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, and covered them.  After waiting a few minutes (it’s tough I tell you), I used my exacto knife to trim as close to the letters as possible.  Then I used sandpaper, and small files to clean up the edges, and tight spots.

I covered them with Mod Podge and then my Art Gel to shine them up.

Ooh, fancy!  I have enough letters left to make an initial for each kiddo, and the words yes and no.  Stay tuned…

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