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Now that’s a switch!

In the room that now proudly belongs to Prince One, we had the cheap-o (technical term) switch covers, that came with the house.  I knew I wanted something different, but I also knew I wasn’t buying any new covers when I had Mod Podge and tons of paper on hand.

I also knew that while I wanted it to coordinate with the room, I did not want it to be matchy-matchy.  By now, you all know how I adore The Graphics Fairy  .  A few months back, I had printed off some vintage baseball images to use on my clipboard.  I had printed a few extras, and decided I would try to incorporate one of them onto the cover.

I cut the paper just bigger than the cover, applied Mod Podge, and carefully smoothed it over the cover.  My daughter will wholeheartedly agree that I have a terrible compulsion to mess with my projects while I’m waiting for them to set up!  I am too impatient to get to the next step. 

I made myself physically go to another room leave it alone to dry, then came back and trimmed the excess paper.  I also cut out the baseball player and glued him on the cover, being careful of where I placed him.

I did get a little bit of guff about the uniform he was wearing, but I was making it so… Like I said, no matchy-matchy!  Don’t you love free projects?

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