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Pendant Using Ornate Frame from The Graphics Fairy

  As you can probably guess, it’s full on crazy mode in my house right now.  Take your ordinary jam packed schedule, throw in a spelling bee, add organizing a craft show, and you have a perfect recipe for Crazy Town Punch.

Never mind the fact that I have this self imposed goal to create something for Brag Monday every week.  It really is a good thing, I always find wonderful images to work with and usually surprise myself with how well I work under pressure.

 This is part of a lovely detailed frame from The Graphics Fairy.

I printed it onto white tissue paper (which I taped to card stock first). I trimmed the detail I wanted and Mod Podged it to a piece of Stampbord.  When it was dry and sanded around the edges, I added two part resin.

I think I will bring it with me on Saturday and see if anyone else loves it…

Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy

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