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Put me in Coach!

I feel very fortunate that both of my boys had fantastic, dedicated, and talented baseball coaches this season.   If I could be given a guarantee that they could get them again, I would be a happy Mommo.

This of course is not the way life goes, so I will just be thankful for the great season they had.  And I will share the thank you gifts I made for their coaches.

 One of my first posts ever, was about this clipboard.  My husband suggested I make one for each of the coaches. 

I took the same steps for both clipboards.  They were painted with acrylic paint after a quick light sanding.

  Since I was team mom for this team, I had created a roster with the names and numbers of the boys. The parents received a laminated card at the beginning of the season.(Yes. Really).

 I put a copy of that on the front with a picture of the first team huddle of the season.

The name of our team was the Bulldogs, so my husband found this graphic, along with the Mets image (thanks!).  These went onto the back.  All of the pictures were glued and sealed with Mod Podge.

Clipboard number two is fairly similar.

I love this picture of the team checking out the field before a Red Wings game. 

This coach is a Yankee fan…go Yankees!

I like to think of these projects as “working scrapbooks.” 

Catchy, right?

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