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Quick Stencil Art for the Half Bath

  Long time, no post! We are looking forward to our February break, and catching up on some projects. Oh wait. That’s me.

It’s that time folks.  That time when I look around and think “eh.”  I’m not ready to break out new paint colors, but some of my decor needs updating and freshening.  

My half bathroom is red.  It’s not a tiny room, and we have a lot of white trim throughout our house, so it works.  The wall across from the sink and toilet needed new art, so I made some.

 These were so simple to make, and they look so much more size appropriate than the pictures they replaced.

 They were cute, but way too small, and I was getting tired of looking at the little tubs.

This stencil is from Martha Stewart.  I taped it down over a canvas that measured 11×17.  I used a trowel like tool to smear my textured paint over the stencil.  It resembles a crime scene. Ahem.

I repeated the process on the second canvas (same size), I just turned it so it was horizontal.  

I had the feeling a few times that paint went under the stencil while I was spreading it out.  When I removed it, I saw that I was right, but I liked the way it looked.  I think it adds some texture and detail to the design.

When I was done, they went right onto the wall and dried up there. Hey, I’m not messing around over here.  Next project in this room? A new window treatment….stay tuned!

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