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Recycled Wood Box

Happy Sunday to you all!  It has been cold but sunny–a great day for indoor creativity and natural light photos.

This project was great fun.  But I did a lot of stuff to it…

Want to see what it looked like before?

Obviously from the first picture, it is the new home for most of my many glues and adhesive tapes.  I actually packed quite a bit into the box.  When I found it, I knew what I’d store in it, but you know me.  I can’t just slap a coat of paint on and call it done!

Since I added so much to it, I thought I’d break it down into a few posts.  I don’t think I’m ready to write the Great American novel just yet. Not in one post anyway…

Let’s start with those hearts on the sides.  My first thought was to banish them.  It’s nothing personal, I like hearts as a general rule.  I found some beautiful paper, and cut it just to fit around the heart.

I Mod Podged it and stuck it on…both sides of the box…and instantly regretted it. I popped a marker through the inside and the paper came off.


 This part of the story has a happy ending. I turned the paper around and put it on the inside of the box. I lightly sanded down the paper that was stuck, and painted over it.  Whew!

 I used Tim Holts Tissue Tape (in Symphony) to cover the inside edges of the hearts, (as well a few other spots on the container).  It’s one of the coolest products ever.  It is an actual tape, and it’s wonderful to use.

Here’s a peek at the other side…

Yes, I told you it was involved.  Join me next time, won’t you?  Thanks…


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