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S is for Social

As in networking!  I have my Facebook page, and I am Twitter-ing, and Stumble-ing Upon/through everything.  Like how I did that?  It’s a gift…

There is a tremendous amount to learn, and I am determined to master it all–and so I will. I would love it if you’d follow me along and watch me goof up  figure it out!  It will be entertaining if nothing else…

I hereby refuse to go in alphabetical order with my letter-of-the-week pins.  Call me a rebel, I just can’t help myself.  Besides, this one is appropriate for the season…

I dig this kind of snow (yuk yuk), it’s cute and fluffy looking, and can’t be plowed to trap you in your driveway! 

 After I painted this letter dark blue, I added Snow Writer in dots, and in a drift on the bottom of the S.  Snow Writer comes in a handy tube with a nozzle perfect for writing (hence the name).  Some diamond Stickles added some sparkle to the winter sky.

Here’s hoping this pin will no longer be appropriate for us…and soon!

I’m being very social…

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