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Scissor organization–and a lesson

My craft space is a fright.  I tried to organize it yesterday and ended up starting a few projects.  I had good intentions…

The project I’m sharing today  involves organizing…and Mod Podge…and The Graphics Fairy And a lesson.

Oh you know I need every single one of those different scissors!  I thought they’d like to stay together in one place.  I found an appropriate size glass jar from my hoard  collection.  Karen has quite a few ornate scissor images to choose from, and I selected the one pictured above.

As I share my technique for making the paper look aged, please learn from my goofy mistake.  Perhaps… change the order of a couple of steps. 

I used Distress Ink for this project.  On the bottom of the ink pad, there are instructions on how to first crumple the paper, smooth it out, and rub the ink pad over the paper…

Great, right? Right, except now I want the scissor image printed on this paper.

Oh sure–no big deal.  There’s my image.  After smoothing the paper over and over and over, and quickly yanking it before it ripped while going through my printer.

Would this be it?  Would this be the project that would kill my printer (and probably put it out of it’s misery)?

I am happy to report that my printer is still alive and printing.

I cut the image and inked the edges, and Mod Podged it onto the jar.

The moral of my story is print first, then crumple and ink.  Words to live by, don’t you think?

My story must be told (ha ha)…


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