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Simple Winter Solstice project…completed

Don’t you love this time of year?  There’s nothing like living your daily life with a bit of holiday season scurry thrown in for good measure!

How about a picture first?

This was simple and fun to do.  First, I went shopping in my backyard for a branch.  I have to report that I was disappointed in the selection out there.  I found one that I was pretty happy with, and painted it with a watered down white acrylic paint. 

After it dried, I took some Fast Grab tacky glue and stuck these small clear beads along the branch.

I used Diamond Stickles here and there. The finishing touch was this white fuzzy garland that I wound around the branch and secured with more tacky glue. 

This is my red half bathroom.  I love how it pops against the wall color and plays nicely with the other  accessories.

My supervisor seems to approve…

I’m “branching out” and linking up here…

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