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Smokey the Fly Hunter

I have only mentioned this little member of our family a couple of times.  He is truly my fourth child, although he gets away with awful behaviors I would never tolerate from my human kids. 

This is Smokey the Fly Hunter.  Vicious, right?

This is his happy place, on Mommo’s lap while she writes for her blog (and goes on Facebook).  Please don’t disturb him, it wouldn’t be pretty.  He’s fifteen pounds of pure anxiety.  He has reflexes like a cat, and likes birdseed. 

No fly can get by him…it’s not for the faint of heart to witness.  After he catches and devours his prey, he has no qualms about looking for a kiss. 

This post was inspired by Lynn at For Love or Funny, who takes great pictures of her furry friend, and writes great stuff to go with them.

#humor #onmymind

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