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Snazz Up Some School Binders With Duck Tape

 Hang on to your wallets my friends.  And I wonder why I always feel somewhat light headed and queasy this time of year. 

 Oh sure those little school supply lists are printed out on cheerful colored paper and typed out in comic sans. It makes no difference, they still end up making us feel empty inside.

 We have a cool recycling shop nearby.  Mostly it’s a drop off site for local companies to donate items their companies don’t need anymore.  They have sturdy cardboard tubes, remnant fabric–all sorts of treasures.  Including binders.

 Heavy duty binders that have company logos all over them, but that also been used only once or twice. Score. Plus, they cost a fraction of price of the new ones.

Even after purchasing three rolls of tape, the cost for binders for two kids is pretty low.

Stripes by Dolly

 Which leaves some cash for everything else on the list.


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