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Subway art on a letter

Have I missed it?  The Subway art “train” I mean. Pun intended? Perhaps…

I have always said that one of the first projects I would complete once I got a Silhouette, was some Subway art.  Here is what I came up with…

I do not recall seeing this done on an actual letter before.  I did spend some time on Google to see if it came up, and I didn’t find it.  

I had this initial for a long time in my stash.  When I saw it in the closet on my way to the vacuum, it struck me.  This is what it started out like…

I painted it with three coats of white gesso.  

While it was drying, I put my boyos to work.

I had them write a bunch of words that had to do with their “theme.”  Son one has the baseball “R” above.  I will show you son two’s “V” when I finish it up. 

I chose dark blue vinyl for all of the words and numbers–it works with the colors in his room.  

He kind of loves it.  How happy am I?

PS  Just so you know, I am offering these in my Etsy shop here.


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