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Tag with Alcohol Inks {Eric Carle Inspired}

  Happy Friday to you all! My posts have been so sparse lately, but I am still here working on things that I want to share.  This project makes me especially happy…

Lately, I have been very content to play with paper.  

One day, when I was tracing and cutting out shamrocks at school, I realized the glossy finger paint paper I was using would be perfect for alcohol inks.  I gathered up the scraps and set them aside to play with at home.

 I see the applicators for alcohol inks all the time in the stores.  But I can’t seem to ever buy one.  When I got home that day, I fashioned my own.

Yup, it’s a large binder clip (had it), and some white felt (had that too).  After I put that together, then I just had fun.  I dotted and swirled, and swiped.  I layered colors and got all fancy.  Then I used some simple paper punches and scissors to make some shapes.

As I worked (or played depending how you want to look at it), I realized that my creation was definitely reminiscent of Eric Carle’s deservedly famous books and pictures. 

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, huh? 

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