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Teacher’s gift {pillow pocket}

School is coming to a close tomorrow.  You know what that means, right?  Yup, a last minute appreciation gift from yours truly!  It is at this time that I must apologize for yet another project involving “Rocco” (my Silhouette).  Forgive me?

 I haven’t met a person who doesn’t love a gift card.  I know they couldn’t possibly make everyone happy, but they are pretty handy–especially if you get one from your favorite store.  I got one for Prince Two’s teacher, and this is what I’m putting it in…

This pillow pocket template is included in your library, when you download the Silhouette software.  Of course you have the option to size it however you like.

I cut mine out of simple black card stock (sturdier is better for this project).  Originally, I was going to stamp letters and numbers–kind of a blackboard effect.  That’s a cute idea, and I might still do it one day.  I just thought girly shoes and handbags were a “fun” alternative for the end of school.

This is what it looked like after stamping…

Before I folded it up and taped the edges together, I used some glue to detail my “accessories” and sprinkled them with Martha Stewart glitter (carrara marble).

Here is a closer shot of the perforations the machine made.

The gift card fits inside perfectly and it has the right amount of sparkle and style! Welcome to summer, everyone…

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