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The bane of my existence

I know I’m not alone.  Even my Prince two said very seriously one day,”I’ll be doing laundry till my death.”  Oh yeah, he really said that. And he’s eight! 

You’ve seen those very cute laundry signs in stores. I suppose they are someone’s attempt to make the chore more pleasant.  Sure.   I liked the phrase in one of them, so I “borrowed” it and made my own.

This is a canvas that I had purchased on sale a long time ago.  I painted it with chalkboard paint (four coats) and added personal touches.  I painted the baseball shirts my sons had that season, and a shirt my daughter loved that said “love the Earth.”  The socks appear mismatched-but not on purpose. Since they always are in real life, it works somehow! 

I added a couple of flowers that I love (and want to put on everything I make lately!), and some very tiny black buttons.

Back to the real laundry…

Where all the cool kids are:


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