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Thinking Outside the Box

Inside the box too, in this case.  Remember my giveaway win from Mod Podge Rocks ?  I finally completed a project that used  many elements from my prize.  I started with this paper mache treasure box that I had in my basement.  It came from Oriental Trading many years ago…sometimes it pays to hang on to stuff.

I mixed some brick red acrylic paint with a little bit of black and painted the outside.

I started cutting and pasting various papers from the stack onto the box with Mod Podge Matte.  I received many great borders in my package, and I featured one of my favorites on the box cover.  With an old nail file, I distressed all of the edges.

Oh no!  Yup, it was at this point I decided that, yes, I truly did hate the latch. Bye! Don’t panic friends, it’s all good. I covered the patches with more paper, and then used a beautiful brad to finish the front.

Much, much better! Whew.  I painted the inside with black acrylic paint, and added a bit of paper and embellishment.

Thanks again Amy for the giveaway!  I still have so many things left…they will keep me busy for a while.

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