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This is going to be good, I mean bad…round two

I was thinking about something I could enter for my good friend Shelle’s Show Us Your Fail Party today.

I remembered this pin that I had purchased about a year ago at Joann’s.  It’s one of those pins that you can add beads to. It was a very very shiny silver tone.  I decided I would get it anyway and somehow make it black.  But how?  Regular paint was out…and I didn’t even consider spray paint.

It occurred to me that a black sharpie could do the trick beautifully!  Anyone want to see how that turned out?

Yeah, not so well.  Did you know that sharpie ink is really sticky when you are writing on something other than paper?  Yup. It’s true.  It was all over my hands which was bad.  My sticky fingers started pulling off any of the marker that actually made it onto the pin. 

The pin and I went round and round like this for a while.  Then I got the brilliant idea to use nail polish remover to take the sharpie off my hands and the pin.  Fast forward a few minutes, and all we have is sticky hands, a pin that is a hot mess, and a house that smells like I’m running a nail salon out of it. 

Dizzy from the fumes and frustration, I threw said pin into a storage container, and went to watch television. And have a glass of wine. 

Thanks Shelle, these little moments are what life is all about!

Oh, it has to be linked here…

Show Me Your Fail
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