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This is why it’s dangerous for me to clean

I know I’m not alone, I can’t be the only one out there.  I had the audacity to dust the door frames and pictures in my upstairs hallway.  I came across this trio of little framed mirrors on the wall. Ugh. Truth be told, I wasn’t crazy in love with them when I put them up five years ago.  They are too dark, and…not me. This is one of them…

I forced myself to finish dusting, and then I went to tackle this mirror.  First, I removed the raffia from the holes.  Then I painted it with vanilla acrylic paint.  The stain on the wood was dark, so it took three coats. I took my sandpaper and distressed the edges, so the dark would show through. I also took my little hammer and smacked it a couple of times to rough it up.  I put  the One-Step crackle finish on it afterwards.

I thought I would keep with the original idea of the frame, and string some black paper string through the holes.  Ugh. Epic. Fail.  I took the string out, and went through my stash…

Eyelets! Scrap booking supplies are not just for pages my friends! I found enough eyelets to make a pattern I was pretty happy with, and used my craft tweezers and clear Tacky glue to put the eyelets in. 

Get ready to see a cluttered floor in this next shot…

So here it is! Better than it was, I think…(the frame I mean).

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