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Tin pail turned earring storage

My daughter thinks I’m pretty crazy and/or awesome.  Why?  Because I can throw together a pair of earrings in the morning before I run off to work.  That, and because she can grab a pair as well.  She claims to be my “marketing representative.”  Clever Dolly…

Sounds wonderful, right?  It is, except I’ve been misplacing them.  Not wonderful, but what to do?  I was walking through my room and a little pail caught my eye…

It didn’t look like this yet!  I recall polka dots on a red background, but I spray painted it with oil rubbed bronze a while ago, so I’m not sure.

As this was a go-with-the-flow kind of project, I didn’t get pictures during the process. 

I can tell you that I used Tissue Tape for the handle, and sheet music paper for the strip in the middle of the pail.  I used Mod Podge for the paper, but it looked too “new” for me.  I tinted the Mod Podge with a little bit of gold paint and painted over it.  This mixture aged it nicely.

The earring holes were created using my Crop-A-Dile.  I often forget how easily this tool punches through thin metal and other materials.  I added some twine around the base starting with a drop of hot glue. 

After much consideration, I chose a fun fiber to go around the very top of the pail. 

I added two twisted muslin flowers (one to both sides), after dyeing them with some leftover coffee.   All I did was put some black coffee into my Mini Mister and spritz them lightly.  

 It worked very well, they weren’t even too wet to stick onto the pail with hot glue.  Plus, it pains me to see coffee go to waste.

The holes go all the way around the top of the pail.  One of the things I like about this, is that it is portable! Oh…that means it will find its way into Dolly’s room…hmmmm.

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