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Tonight…we ride: Redux

Ever have a project that bothered you after you were “finished?”  One that you kept thinking about…second guessing?  This one was a prime example for me.  Here’s the before…

To me, there is something just “off” about this.  For me, that is.  Here’s the after-I-tweaked-it version…

I reprinted the bicycle image onto black card stock, and quickly hit it with the same embossing powder.  After I heat set and cut it out, I put it in place.  I also outlined more of the letters with silver.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the look of the vellum, I just don’t think it fit on the brown background.  I’d love your opinion…is the redux an improvement? Did you love the first one, and are now furious with me for changing it (just joking!)?

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